Coming Horse Riding At Deane's

Please note our pricing list - SEEN HERE.

All Lessons must be pre-booked and spaces are limited. We currently have a waiting list in place for new beginner riders.

Please see information for beginner riders HERE


Lessons , by appointment only will be on Wednesday to Sunday.

All Riders are encouraged to have their own safety equipment (Helmet/Body protector/Boots) up to AIRE standards. Current Approved Hats : PAS015, ASTM F1163 2014a onwards, Snell E2001, AS/NZS3838 2003, VG1 01.040 2014-12.

Lesson by appointment only, prepay by PayPal, tap on Sum App (Debit or credit card) or cash. 


From January 1st 2023, we will be enforcing mandatory body protectors for u18s who are jumping. Currently body protectors are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for those jumping. 

A well fitting(professionally fitted), Level 3 body protector offers a rider good protection to the torso and spine in event of a fall of horse and/or rider.